Filthy Family Presents: Gorilla NEMS x Mac Lethal – “Dont Ever Disrespect Me Tour”


Doors: 7pm, Show: 8pm




Montana Jane’s Presents The “Dont Ever Disrespect Me” Tour in Bozeman Feb 6th at The Filling Station w/ support from: DJ J Blacc, Filth and Foul, DJ Bionic, Austin Jordan, Bubba Scholler & Duke Altman, Caleb Jacobson, AR.O, Freestyle Fresh, Blicky Boyz, and more.
Doors open at 7pm
Tickets available easy right here.

Cactus Cuts with Kyle Hunter and Carly King

Doors : 8pm, Show : 9pm
Cover : $10 in advance, $15 at the door

Cactus Cuts:
Kyle Hunter:
Carly King:

Cactus Cuts is a captivating five-piece Americana folk band. Drawing inspiration from the harmonious melodies of the Milk Carton Kids and the virtuosic guitar stylings of Doc Watson, Cactus Cuts is quickly making waves with their fresh and invigorating sound. Formed in 2022 in the picturesque landscapes of Bozeman, MT, Cactus Cuts weaves together intricate acoustic arrangements, compelling storytelling, and lush vocal harmonies that are the perfect musical combination of modern bluegrass and old-time Americana.

At the forefront of Cactus Cuts’ sound are the dynamic duo of Benn and Abel. Their musical chemistry, creates a mesmerizing tapestry of sound that lingers long after the last note fades. With their heartfelt delivery, the band invites listeners on a sonic journey, with beautiful ballads, foot-stomping hoedowns, and everything in between. Whether performing in intimate venues or commanding larger stages, their passion for the music and genuine camaraderie shine through, creating an unforgettable experience for their audience.

As they carve their path in the Bozeman music scene, Cactus Cuts is quickly gaining recognition for their unique and compelling sound. Their ability to infuse the traditional roots of Americana folk with a modern sensibility has garnered them a dedicated and ever-growing fanbase. With their debut EP Lies Are Sweet out this fall, the band is poised to make a lasting impression, not only in Montana but across the vast American music landscape.

Kyle Hunter, is an Americana/ Alt Country singer/songwriter based out of Missoula, Montana. Alongside his 6 piece band, The Mountain Standard, he has been tearing up stages in the northwest producing sounds similar to Sturgill Simpson, Tyler Childers, and even some Allman Brothers. Seamlessly marrying sublime guitar tones reminiscent of the Dead all the while paying homage to country, western & folk roots. With snappy and undulating jazz and funk rhythms, the sound is punctuated by a sonic array piping out of the multi-faceted players on fiddle and keys. KHTMS inspires goosebumps with their one of a kind electric, roundhousing entertainment experience.

For the New Jersey-born and Wyoming-braised singer-songwriter, what started as a self-exploration into the Mountain West has now become the early stages of a promising career as folk artist. Carly King just wants to “go to the mountains alone, buy a plane ticket home and throw out her phone…”

Jacob Rountree & The Somethings Birthday Bash with Lost Canyons

Doors: 7pm, Show : 8pm
Cover: $10 in advance, $15 at the door

Come celebrate Jacob’s birthday with the full band! Lost Canyons gets the party started.


Jacob Rountree & The Somethings are an Alternative Folk/ Indie Rock group offering a very dynamic sound. They have been best described as a soulful and relatable act that transport you to other dimensions with poetically introspective lyrics, a unique finger picking style, perfectly placed percussive hits, haunting melodies and dream-like effects.


Lost Canyons started in 2016 as a dream that came to fruition with their debut EP in 2021 titled “Drive By Volume”. They pride themselves on driving guitars, impactful melodies and introspective lyrics.

Goodbye Beef Rat with The Contractors and Fairly Brief

Doors : 7:30pm, Show: 8pm
Cover : $10 in advance, $15 at the door

Goodbye Beef Rate is a new rock band featuring members of Hornbread! Join us for the Filler debut with The Contractors and Fairly Brief!

MSU Freeriders fundraiser : Puddle with Cosmic Sans


Doors : 7pm, Show : 8pm

Cover : $10 at the door

MSU Freeriders present Puddle with Cosmic Sans! MSU is a non-profit MSU Student group, raising funds to keep big mountain skiing and snowboarding alive at Montana State University!

Mojo Risin with Pony Express

Doors: 7pm , Show: 8pm
Cover: $10 in advance, $15 at the door

Mojo Risin formed in 2022 with the goal of honoring and celebrating the music of The Doors.
This Bozeman, MT based band is comprised of professional and passionate musicians and a front-man who
embodies the soulful and mystic nature of Jim Morrison. From “Light My Fire” to “LA Woman” and
everything in between, Mojo Risin’s live shows aim to recreate one of the most influential and controversial
rock acts of the 1960’s. The spirit of The Doors is alive and well when experiencing Mojo Risin!

“AMAZING performance last night guys! Ya’ll sounded like the real thing! I’ve been a huge doors fan my entire
life and have never had the opportunity to hear their music performed live. Ya’ll killed it! … and deserve to have
any stage all night long!”

“I swear that these guys have played a thousand shows!”
“Wow! You guys really brought the energy tonight and got the crowd going. I never thought I’d have so much
fun hearing Doors songs. When are you playing again? I’ll be there!”


Moonlight Moonlight with Salty Gravy and Ella Cole

Doors : 7pm, Show: 8pm
Cover : $10 in advance, $15 at the door

It’s a night of great local bluegrass and folk music with Moonlight Moonlight, Salty Gravy and Ella Cole! Featuring Isaac Winemiller on bass, Kevin Fabozzi on mandolin, Lenka Swenson on fiddle, and Zander Chovanes on guitar Moonlight Moonlight takes the audience on a carefree romp to simpler times with original tunes from the soul!

Salty Gravy features Slias Rea on fiddle and mandolin and national vagabond Cabot Metz on guitar and banjo, playing old time traditional American music! Drawing from bluegrass, country blues and ragtime, they kick it old school!

Ella Rae Cole is a local treasure. Capturing moments in time with an acoustic guitar and some well chosen lyrics, she leaves audiences spellbound.

Hornbread with Mint UV Halloween Party


Doors: 8pm, Show : 9pm

Cover : $10 in advance, $15 at the door

It’s a high energy, radioactive Halloween bash with Hornbread and MINT! We’re bathing the Filler in blacklight so be ready to glow!

Hornbread is Bozeman’s premier ska band with an MSU Battle of the Band trophy under their belt and a rippin album on streaming services with thousands of plays. They’ll get you moving!

Hornbread Socials:



MINT is keeping progressive funk alive in Bozeman with a mixture of originals and covers. Featuring some of MSU’s best and brightest music school grads, these guys have the chops to make the party groove!

MINT Socials:


Sierra Gallagher Presents: Infinite Ammo, Geimreidh and Rid

7PM, 21+
Infinite Ammo
Powerviolence/grind from Missoula, MT
Black/thrash metal from Bozeman, MT
Brand new grind band from Bozeman, MT

Tophouse with Rob Wolf

Montana Booking Agency presents:


October 3, 2023

The Filling Station

Doors: 7 | Show: 8

$15 Advance | $20 Day of Show

TopHouse is a Montana-raised Americana/Folk band made up of Jesse Davis, Joe Larson, Will Cook, and Andy LaFave.

Created in 2015, the band began as a duo when two Music Composition majors at the University of Montana, guitarist/songwriter Jesse Davis and violinist William Cook, realized they loved playing music together and wanted to start – immediately. Lacking both a drummer and a singer, the first iteration of TopHouse was a virtuosity ‘Celtic folk’ instrumental duo with next-to-no connections. For about a year TopHouse performed in the bottom of parking garages in the cold Missoula air because “the reverb was cool.” William and Jesse eventually snuck their way into a local farmer’s market, and then moved onto the illustrious stardom of coffee shops, breweries, and weddings.

Joseph Larson, a singer, songwriter, and guitar/banjo player, joined the band in 2016. Joe wrote and performed songs, while Jesse’s songs like Where Are You and Summer Never Leaves – which, up to this point, had simply been instrumental violin pieces – finally came into their fullness. Joseph’s addition vaulted TopHouse to local fame, with the Missoulian naming TopHouse one the top 5 best new bands. Between 2017-2019 they released their self-produced EP Middle of Somewhere and their album Hopes & Fears while performing in festivals like the Bitterroot Celtic Festival, Avery Fest, and the Flathead Celtic Festival.

TopHouse moved to Nashville TN in October of 2019. They, like many musicians, were stranded at their shared home for most of 2020. During this year TopHouse wrote, recorded, and released their second album, Snapshot. When music city opened back up in 2021 TopHouse was invited to be the house band for Tennessee Brew Works and began performing in and around Nashville. After a difficult year of waiting and hoping, TopHouse prevailed, performing in events like the Local Show and going on their first official tours to Montana, Texas, and California.

In 2022 Andy LaFave the pianist joined TopHouse. Andy – an incredible songwriter and musician that regularly releases his own music under his solo project Don’t Dance – has performed with William and Joseph since childhood. With Andy’s help, TopHouse is working on their newest music release and will be ready to inspire the populace.