Marcedes Carroll & Co. with Lena Marie Schiffer Trio, Shelly Besler and Tony Polecastro

Doors : 7pm, Show : 8pm
Cover : $15 in advance, $20 at the door

Join southwest Montana’s best folk artists at the Filling Station May 30th for an excellent night of music! Featuring Marcedes Carroll & Co., The Lena Marie Schiffer Trio, and Shelly Besler and Tony Polecastro, it’s an all star songwriter’s showcase of the area’s best!

Neon Rainbow with Marcedes Carroll

Doors: 7pm, Show : 8pm
Cover : $15 in advance, $20 at the door

Join us at the Filling Station Saturday, May 11th for an evening of 90’s country hits with Peter King’s Neon Rainbow! Throw on your boots and get ready to dance – Marcedes Carroll gets the party started at 8pm!

Keeping the spirit of 90s country alive, Neon Rainbow is Montana’s premiere country music performance. Specializing in playing the hits of the last golden era of country music the 1990s. When Garth Brooks, Joe Diffie, Travis Tritt, Alan Jackson, and Randy Travis reigned supreme and two stepped into our hearts. So dust off your fluorescent brush poppers and crack a crystal Pepsi cause it’s time to live those honky tonk dreams!

Marcedes Carroll starts the evening off with soulful, heartfelt original country songs written on the dirt roads of Montana.

Lone Elder with Cactus Cuts

Doors : 8pm, Show : 9pm
Tickets : $10 in advance, $15 at the door

Join Lone Elder and Cactus Cuts for a night of country music at the Filling Station April 5th at 9pm!

About Lone Elder:

“Hailing from the dusty plains and echoing canyons of the American West, Lone Elder weaves tales of the frontier’s forgotten souls. Blending the raw energy of rock with the mournful soul of blues, their music paints vivid pictures of cowboys, outlaws, and the restless spirits that linger in their wake. Through electrifying guitar riffs, and vocals that echo through the night, Lone Elder doesn’t just tell stories – they summon the ghosts themselves.

Get ready to tap your boots one minute and feel shivers down your spine the next, all while experiencing the untamed spirit of the Wild West.”

About Cactus Cuts:

Cactus Cuts is a captivating five-piece Americana folk band. Drawing inspiration from the harmonious melodies of the Milk Carton Kids and the virtuosic guitar stylings of Doc Watson, Cactus Cuts are quickly making waves with their fresh and unique sound. Formed in 2022 in Bozeman, MT, Cactus Cuts weaves together acoustic arrangements, storytelling, and simple vocal harmonies that are the perfect combination of modern bluegrass and old-time Americana. With their heartfelt delivery, the band invites listeners on a sonic journey, with beautiful ballads, foot-stomping hoedowns, and everything in between. Cactus Cuts has shared the stage with The Last Revel, and Laney Lou and The Bird Dogs. Whether performing in intimate venues or commanding larger stages, their passion for the music and genuine camaraderie shines through, creating an unforgettable experience for their audience.

Austin Martin and the Herd : Feeding the Herd Tour with Dusty Dilsnick

Doors : 7pm, Show : 8pm
Cover : $10 in advance, $15 at the door

Austin Martin and the Herd make their Filler debut with the “Feeding the Herd Tour”! Partnering with food banks that are Feeding America affiliates, they’re touring 50 cities across the US to fight hunger in America!

Austin Martin is a multi-talented American artist renowned for his dynamic blend of country, pop, and hip-hop music. Born and raised on a ranch just outside of Billings, Montana, Martin’s upbringing may seem like an unlikely origin for his eclectic musical style. However, his diverse influences and innate talent have propelled him to the forefront of the music scene.
Martin’s tenor vocals, characterized by their versatility and captivating energy, breathe new life into traditional country melodies. Infused with a touch of hip-hop flair, his performances offer a fresh take on the genre, earning him a distinct and recognizable sound.
Backing Martin’s vocals is the talented ensemble known as The Herd. Lead guitarist Marco Romain, also a Montana native, adds depth and texture to the band’s sound with his skilled playing. Bassist Jack Ryan, hailing from Nashville, brings a rich musical heritage to the group, while drummer Dave Bedell solidifies the rhythm section with his precision and groove.
Together, Austin Martin & The Herd have established themselves as a
powerhouse in the music industry, boasting a track record of seven successful national tours. Their ability to captivate audiences with their electrifying stage presence has earned them the nickname “the Motley Crue of Country.” Whether performing in the heart of Montana or the glitz of Hollywood, the band’s high- energy performances transcend geographical boundaries, captivating audiences from coast to coast.
With their infectious blend of country, pop, and hip-hop influences, Austin Martin & The Herd continue to push the boundaries of contemporary music, captivating listeners and leaving a lasting impression wherever they go.

Chicago Farmer & The Fieldnotes with The Canoe Dealers

Doors : 7pm, Show : 8pm
Cover : $15 in advance, $20 at the door

Country-folk rock band Chicago Farmer & The Fieldnotes hits the Filler with local favorites, The Canoe Dealers. Bringing soulful rust-belt anthems to life with steel guitar, organ, mandolin, and acoustic guitar, Chicago Farmer travels the interstate leaving audiences spellbound.

The son of a small-town farming community, Cody Diekhoff logged plenty of highway and stage time under the name Chicago Farmer before settling in the city in 2003. Profoundly inspired by fellow
Midwesterner John Prine, he’s a working-class folk musician to his core. His small-town roots, tilled with city streets mentality, are turning heads North and South of I-80.

“I love the energy, music, and creativity of Chicago, but at the same time, the roots and hard work of my small town,” he shares. Growing up in Delavan, Illinois, with a population less than 2,000, Diekhoff’s
grandparents were farmers, and their values have always provided the baseline of his songs.

He writes music for “the kind of people that come to my shows. Whether in Chicago or Delavan,
everyone has a story, and everyone puts in a long day and works hard the same way,” he says. “My generation may have been labeled as slackers, but I don’t know anyone who doesn’t work hard – many
people I know put in 50-60 hours a week and 12-hour days. That’s what keeps me playing. I don’t like anyone to be left out; my music is for everyone in big and very small towns.”

He listened to punk rock and grunge as a kid before discovering a friend’s dad playing Hank Williams, and it was a revelation. Prine and Guthrie quickly followed. The name Chicago Farmer was originally for
a band, but the utilitarian life of driving alone from bar to bar, city to city – to make a direct connection to his audience and listener, took a deeper hold.

“You can smell the dirt in the fields, hear the wind as it blows across the plains, and see the people that
Chicago Farmer sings about. Each track captures a moment in time, whether for a person or a particular
place. Imagine if a John Steinbeck short story had been written as a song, and this will give you a fairly
good idea as to what Chicago Farmer accomplishes on his albums.”

The Dilly Dilly Band with Addison Thompson

Doors : 7pm, Show : 8pm
Cover : $10 in advance, $15 at the door

The Dilly Dilly band brings the party! Playing bluegrass, country and rock, it’s a dance party from the first beat!

Addison Thompson gets the show started with original country music.

Taylor Burlage Presents : The Dead and Down with Jacob Rountree

Doors : 8pm, Show : 9pm
Cover : $10 in advance, $15 at the door


Bozeman’s very own Cosmic Roots Rock band The Dead & Down hit the stage for another unforgettable night at the Filling Station. Their creative musicality blends a variety of genres that will make you want to dance, laugh, and sometimes cry. Expect nothing less than damn good music with good people at the Filler.

Jerry Joseph – Solo


Doors open at 7pm, show at 8pm

Tickets : $20 in advance on

Jerry Joseph solo acoustic in support of his new album: Baby Your the Man Who Would Be King. With special guest: Matt Wallin solo.

The Hellroaring + Matt Wallin & HIs Nervous Breakdown

Bozeman Magazine presents:
The Hellroaring (Billings) + Matt Wallin & His Nervous Breakdown (co-headlining)
Friday December 1, Filling Station (2005 N Rouse)


Doors at 7pm, show at 8pm
$15 advance Tickets are on sale now at:
Don’t miss your chance to see The Hellroaring’s Filling Station Debut

Moonlight Moonlight with Salty Gravy and Ella Cole

Doors : 7pm, Show: 8pm
Cover : $10 in advance, $15 at the door

It’s a night of great local bluegrass and folk music with Moonlight Moonlight, Salty Gravy and Ella Cole! Featuring Isaac Winemiller on bass, Kevin Fabozzi on mandolin, Lenka Swenson on fiddle, and Zander Chovanes on guitar Moonlight Moonlight takes the audience on a carefree romp to simpler times with original tunes from the soul!

Salty Gravy features Slias Rea on fiddle and mandolin and national vagabond Cabot Metz on guitar and banjo, playing old time traditional American music! Drawing from bluegrass, country blues and ragtime, they kick it old school!

Ella Rae Cole is a local treasure. Capturing moments in time with an acoustic guitar and some well chosen lyrics, she leaves audiences spellbound.