Cancelled : Whalien with The Scurry and Puddle

This show was double booked and is not actually happening. 



Doors : 7pm, Show : 8pm
Cover : $10 in advance, $15 at the door

Whalien makes the drive over from Seattle to party it up with Drew McDowell & The Scurry  and Puddle! Bring your dancing shoes and get weird!

About Whalien :

Since the dawn of humankind, our species has asked one question; “how does one really, really rock?” This question, pondered by philosophers, scientists, leaders, movers, and shakers for millennia, is finally being answered. Whalien travels the globe, moving with the crash of thunder and the poise of the lotus, showing listeners everywhere how to really, really rock. Their high-energy rock fusion will have you grinning, gasping, and dancing!

Alex + Jimmy + Shane + Zach = Whalien

About Drew McDowell & The Scurry :
The frontman of the Billings-based “Arterial Drive,” Drew McDowell has been writing songs and performing in Montana for over five years. Playing a poppy indie rock sound, McDowell sings a healthy blend of amazing originals and classic covers. Sure to be the perfect vibes for a chilly winter evening, Drew McDowell is ready to put on an amazing show.

About Puddle:

Bozeman’s 3rd most popular frog advocating rock n’ roll modern belly dance fusion group

Desperate Electric with Puddle

Doors : 8pm, Show : 9pm
Cover : $10 in advance, $15 at the door

Desperate Electric:

Hailing from the mountains of Montana, Desperate Electric is a captivating soul-pop duo that brings vibrant energy and infectious melodies to the forefront of the music scene. Comprising of two electrifying individuals, their name alone evokes a sense of urgency and excitement that resonates with audiences worldwide. With their flashy outfits, magnetic stage presence, and unparalleled live performances, Desperate Electric is a force to be reckoned with.

‘Fusing elements of funk, rock, soul, pop, and R&B, with cosmo-tronic production, they create a musical experience that’s both futuristic and nostalgic. Moving the listener to dance, think, and reflect, they peer into their mirrors’ darkest corners, openly exploring who they are, what they’ve done, who they want to be, and how they need to change, grow, or evolve to get there.’ -Matt Asaro, Blue World Blog

Desperate Electric’s discography is a testament to their versatility. Their soulful pop sound is infused with elements of funk, R&B, and disco, resulting in a fusion of timeless melodies and modern production. With catchy hooks, thought-provoking lyrics, and irresistible beats, their music is both uplifting and deeply resonant, serving as a soulful soundtrack for life’s triumphs and tribulations.

Puddle :

Bozeman’s 3rd most popular frog advocating rock n’ roll modern belly dance fusion group. Playing 90’s grunge and funk covers along with original tunes, they get the people moving!


MSU Freeriders fundraiser : Puddle with Cosmic Sans


Doors : 7pm, Show : 8pm

Cover : $10 at the door

MSU Freeriders present Puddle with Cosmic Sans! MSU is a non-profit MSU Student group, raising funds to keep big mountain skiing and snowboarding alive at Montana State University!