Hard Hugs with Tiny Iota

Doors : 8pm, Show : 9pm
Cover : $10 in advance, $15 at the door

Join Hard Hugs and Tiny Iota at the Filling Station March 15th for a night of synth-heavy, punk-rock-disco tunes! With a focus on aggressive groove and electronic textures, HH aims to create an experience that invites audiences to dance and shout along in communal catharsis.


One evening in 2017, four friends shared a booth and a round of drinks.

The topic of conversation, as usual, revolved around ideas concerning musical direction and forms of artistic expression… something that was always swirling in the air between members of the group.

Each of them had met through some form of collaboration, usually as a supportive cast member in one another’s projects. Every one of these musical ventures had varied widely in scope and sound, from different forms of singer-songwriter exploration to brash rock and roll, all the way to retro-futuristic synthwave.

Each project brought with it a new form of expression, a new, learned musical vocabulary.

And so on that evening out, a plan formed.

From the culmination of all these acquired musical languages, they would make something new.  Something that capitalized on their previous collaborations but also invited the listener to participate in a way that felt new and exciting.

Enter HARD HUGS, a synth-heavy, punk-rock-disco outfit formed in Helena, Montana.  With a focus on aggressive groove and electronic textures, HH aims to create an experience that makes you want to move.


Indie rock from Bozeman, MT

Jacob Rountree & The Somethings Birthday Bash with Lost Canyons

Doors: 7pm, Show : 8pm
Cover: $10 in advance, $15 at the door

Come celebrate Jacob’s birthday with the full band! Lost Canyons gets the party started.


Jacob Rountree & The Somethings are an Alternative Folk/ Indie Rock group offering a very dynamic sound. They have been best described as a soulful and relatable act that transport you to other dimensions with poetically introspective lyrics, a unique finger picking style, perfectly placed percussive hits, haunting melodies and dream-like effects.


Lost Canyons started in 2016 as a dream that came to fruition with their debut EP in 2021 titled “Drive By Volume”. They pride themselves on driving guitars, impactful melodies and introspective lyrics.

Brother Venus with Bad Neighbors

Doors : 8pm , Show : 9pm

Cover : $10 in advance, $15 at the door

Brother Venus are an alternative hard rock band out of Belgrade, Montana. Formed in 2019 by vocalist Cody Lindblom and guitarist/backing vocalist Kurt Binder, the band was originally intended to be a studio-only collaboration. After assembling a large catalog of songs in a short period of time, the pair decided it was time to make Brother Venus a full-fledged band. Clayton Damjanovich and Elliot Decker were brought on board to fill the drummer and bassist positions.

Nestled in the heart of Bozeman, Montana, and born of diverse influences and backgrounds, this ensemble, founded in 2023, seamlessly melds genres to create a sound uniquely their own. At the forefront is Brett Griesbaum, a commanding vocalist whose roots extend deep into the realms of country and pop/rock. The band’s sound is further enriched by the metal and hard rock prowess of Cooper Simmons on rhythm guitar, while lead guitarist Hoyt Mangrum, drawing from folk and singer-songwriter traditions, infuses the group’s sound with textured solos and harmonies. Kevin Omadt, the band’s bassist, draws inspiration from pop-punk and funk, laying down infectious basslines that define their style. Anchoring it all is drummer Josh Omadt, whose classical percussion background lends a tight rhythmic drive to their performances. With a repertoire spanning from electrifying covers like ‘Burnin’ For You’ and ‘Mr. Brightside’ to heartfelt originals such as ‘Best Part of Me,’ Bad Neighbors exudes a genre blending charm.