Uada – The Surviving Dark Winter Tour

Doors : 6:30, Show : 7:30
Cover : $15 in advance, $20 at the door

Hosted by Charlie of Doom, UADA, Abigail Williams, Death Support, Oriska, and Galvanist descend upon the Filling Station for the heaviest show of the year!

Ever since the cloaked Pacific Northwest band appeared on the music radar, UADA has always been electrified by both polar worlds. Their echelon was stark and meaningful. Within the stretch of 3 albums as well as dense and triumphant live shows across the globe, they have not only spiked the map of extreme metal music, but their unrelenting touring schedule an unbridled will to push forward into new horizons has also earned them a reception in all the extremes imaginable, be it worship or spite.

Abigail Williams:
Originally formed in Phoenix, Arizona, but soon moved to New York City, then Los Angeles, and is now based out of Olympia, Washington.

Death Support:
“Everyone is killing themselves for something. Death Support explores themes of ambivalence towards life, death, religion, and social-political issues through an aesthetic that focuses on melancholy and unsettling themes with calming pastels and vibrant tones. Creating a tapestry of contrasting emotions, Death Support blends punk, black metal, DSBM, and blackened hardcore in an eclectic yet focused manner.”

Oriska is a blackened post-metal collective headquartered in Fargo, ND with members dispersed across California, Montana, North Dakota, and Minnesota. Featuring ex-members of Battlefields (Init Records, Translation Loss), Dispensing of False Halos, and Sleeping in Gethsemane (Init Records), the band was formed in the summer of 2023 with the purpose of reconnecting friends with a passion for music, without regard for genre nor geographical boundaries. Crushing yet delicate, despairing yet hopeful, their sound invokes a sense of strength in the face of impossible circumstances, with influences and reference points that include Envy, Buried Inside, Funeral Diner and Amenra.

Born out of a laceration of the subject, Galvanist represents the collective efforts of four individuals and their unique attempts to render a response to the visceral nature of reality. Exploring the relationship between the sacred and profane, the collective’s sought continuity of wound and language forces reflection as a result of a teleological disruption of existence.

Dead Man’s Alibi with 1 Second to Go and Lucy Was Right

Doors : 6:30pm, Show : 7pm

Cover : $10 in advance, $15 at the door

Formed in the Winter of 2020, Dead Mans Alibi is a Hard Rock quartet from Northern Colorado, with a strong DIY ethos, and passionate love of the psychedelic rock music of the 1970s and 80s that their music draws its inspiration from.

Consisting of alumni members from notable Colorado and North Carolina rock acts, Dead Man’s Alibi’s music and live performances transport audiences back in time to an Era where simple, no frills rock and roll reigned supreme on the airwaves and on the minds of the public that tuned in.

Establishing themselves as a strong up and coming act, this is a group you don’t want to miss!

1 Second to Go is a hard rock/metal band based out of Billings, MT. Since their formation in 2018, they have released two EPS: “1 Second to Go self-titled” (2020) and “Shallow” (2021). The band infuses a myriad of elements with influences ranging from both classic and modern, allowing them to open for a wide range of acts from Hinder, to Soulfly, to Ayron Jones. Hard work and dedication to music has landed them a position as an official Touch Tunes jukebox artist, as well as radio play, and positive articles and reviews. 1 Second to Go will definitely leave a lasting impression.

Lucy Was Right is the product of four like-minded people trusting each other with our vulnerabilities. The bond we built with each other resulted in some powerful moments that we could only realize through these songs. Each track is its own raw, emotional story inspired mostly by pain but brought to life through intimate and loving collaboration. Our music speaks to the struggles of contemporary human life, the complexity of our relationships and to the zeal for life that it takes to overcome it all. The topics are dark, the sound is edgy and modern with a hint of 80s pop.

Sierra Gallagher Presents: Infinite Ammo, Geimreidh and Rid

7PM, 21+
Infinite Ammo
Powerviolence/grind from Missoula, MT
Black/thrash metal from Bozeman, MT
Brand new grind band from Bozeman, MT

Brother Venus with Bad Neighbors

Doors : 8pm , Show : 9pm

Cover : $10 in advance, $15 at the door

Brother Venus are an alternative hard rock band out of Belgrade, Montana. Formed in 2019 by vocalist Cody Lindblom and guitarist/backing vocalist Kurt Binder, the band was originally intended to be a studio-only collaboration. After assembling a large catalog of songs in a short period of time, the pair decided it was time to make Brother Venus a full-fledged band. Clayton Damjanovich and Elliot Decker were brought on board to fill the drummer and bassist positions.

Nestled in the heart of Bozeman, Montana, and born of diverse influences and backgrounds, this ensemble, founded in 2023, seamlessly melds genres to create a sound uniquely their own. At the forefront is Brett Griesbaum, a commanding vocalist whose roots extend deep into the realms of country and pop/rock. The band’s sound is further enriched by the metal and hard rock prowess of Cooper Simmons on rhythm guitar, while lead guitarist Hoyt Mangrum, drawing from folk and singer-songwriter traditions, infuses the group’s sound with textured solos and harmonies. Kevin Omadt, the band’s bassist, draws inspiration from pop-punk and funk, laying down infectious basslines that define their style. Anchoring it all is drummer Josh Omadt, whose classical percussion background lends a tight rhythmic drive to their performances. With a repertoire spanning from electrifying covers like ‘Burnin’ For You’ and ‘Mr. Brightside’ to heartfelt originals such as ‘Best Part of Me,’ Bad Neighbors exudes a genre blending charm.