Dozey Dubs with Hornbread and Steven Stephen

Doors: 7pm, Show: 8pm
Cover : $15 in advance, $20 at the door

Reggae, Ska and Indie Rock collide at the Filling Station May 24th with Dozey Dubs, Hornbread and Steven Stephen kicking out the jams!

Dozey Dubs : Reggae grunge funk jam band from Boise ID spreading love and positivity through music and vibes.

Hornbread- Ska from Bozeman, MT

Steven Stephen – Smooth indie vibes from Bozeman, MT

Daddy’s Home with The Prawns

Doors : 7pm, Show : 8pm
Cover : $10 in advance, $15 at the door

Daddy’s Home makes their Filler debut with The Prawns! Featuring members of Hornbread, they’re cooking up a kinky, heavy aural stew just for you and we’re serving it up February 29th at the Filler!


Electric River Presents : Boot Juice with The Prawns

Doors: 7pm, Show : 8pm
Cover : $12 in advance on
Tickets available here:


Boot Juice hails from the Hills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Northern California. The band features electric and acoustic guitars, three vocalists, bass, drums, saxophone and trumpet. Inspired by the likes of The Band and Railroad Earth with an intensely energetic show reminiscent of Talking Heads, Boot Juice has been gaining buzz with their vibrant performances and party-sparking reputation. Shifting effortlessly between driving bluegrass and americana into cosmic rock’n’roll and swing. They deliver three part vocal harmonies and dynamic instrumental arrangements with a sultry dose of blues and soul. The collective effect leaves crowds little choice but to shake it down on the dance floor.

Boot Juice has been kicking around the west since 2017, leaving audiences happy, and dance floors sticky. They have kept an ambitious tour schedule, hitting the road in their 96’ International school bus, constantly adding to their ever-growing resume of festival and club appearances. Founding members Connor Herdt (acoustic guitar and vocals) and Evan Daly (electric guitar and vocals) have been friends since childhood. The two have been playing music together since their teenage years, combining their respective passions for americana and rock’n’roll songwriting with a desire to create a big sound that feels right at home in a barroom or on a large festival stage. Brett Worley (bass wizard) not only holds down the low end, he is also Evan’s cousin and has been touring with the band since the beginning. Brett’s melodic bass style has become a signature of the Boot Juice sound. Jess Stoll (vocals and artwork) joined the band shortly after, bringing another lead and backing voice to the group for deeply layered harmonies. She wears many hats for the band, acting as the artistic director for all of the band’s design concepts and providing the vision and drive necessary for a big production. Billy D. Thompson (drums) has been a staple of the Sacramento music scene for the past decade, graduating from Sacramento State University with a degree in Jazz Drum Performance. Billy brings his soul and funk influence into the Americana realm, adding yet another dimension to the band’s sound. In 2019 Boot Juice came into it’s full current lineup with the addition of its horn section. Caleb Sanders (alto and tenor saxophone), Matt Vollmer (Trumpet and Trombone) and Micah Marmorstein (trumpet) bring an infectious energy and tight horn harmonies to the stage, making it tough not to dance. It’s not uncommon to see these guys hanging off the rafters or running into the crowd by the end of the night.

Boot Juice plays music that will attempt to bring you to the street corner, the river side, or the open highway. They released their debut LP album, Speaking in Tones, in May 2019 and followed in March 2021 with their second record, Shifting gears. The group is currently tracking its third LP, which will be released in 2023.


Hornbread : Freshly Baked Album Review

Hornbread: Freshly Baked album cover

Taking over the studio at the MSU School of music,  Hornbread recorded their first album- Freshly Baked.  Released on June 9th, 2023 the eight tracks take the listener on a raucus high speed journey through post-covid college life with a stop in the middle to cover a few ska and funk standards –  “Keasby Nights” by Catch 22,  a Tower of Power tune- ” What is Hip?” , and “Party at Ground Zero” by Fishbone. 

The album kicks off with a cheerful blast from the horn section in “This How it Ends (Dad’s Song) ” and the energy carries through to the end , building with “What is Hip?” and “Stink Bug Rug”.  

“Vitamin R” is a love song to Rainier, the band’s favorite beer.  “Stink Bug Rug” combines gypsy jazz and ska in an inventive way and puts the pedal to the metal, drifting through speedy funky grooves and jazzy interludes.  The album ends with “Blue Cheese”.  Starting with a catchy drum and bass groove, the horns come in and the lyrics take on take you on a high speed chase through a lunch break gone awry. 

All told, I think if you’re in your friend’s car and jacked into the bluetooth, they won’t kick you out into traffic if you put on Hornbread : Freshly Baked. With solid high energy grooves, great pacing and a variety of sounds, it’s a half hour of your life well spent. 


Austin Belluscio – Guitar
Tyler Lennon – Bass
Nathan Rodacker – Drums
Pete Briccetti – Main Vocals
Noah Ziegler – Bass trombone
Gunter Roylance – Trombone
Tanner Rubino – Trumpet
Cole Orelup – Trumpet


-Patrick Lokken

Hornbread with Mint UV Halloween Party


Doors: 8pm, Show : 9pm

Cover : $10 in advance, $15 at the door

It’s a high energy, radioactive Halloween bash with Hornbread and MINT! We’re bathing the Filler in blacklight so be ready to glow!

Hornbread is Bozeman’s premier ska band with an MSU Battle of the Band trophy under their belt and a rippin album on streaming services with thousands of plays. They’ll get you moving!

Hornbread Socials:



MINT is keeping progressive funk alive in Bozeman with a mixture of originals and covers. Featuring some of MSU’s best and brightest music school grads, these guys have the chops to make the party groove!

MINT Socials: