Recap : Duckworth Presents Pinky and The Floyd

I never met Milton Menasco. 

     I saw posters for “Milton Menasco and the Big Fiasco” all over the place for decades, and when I started doing regularly doing sound in 2012 I kinda figured one way or another I’d run into him. Unfortunately I never got that opportunity – Milton’s ticker stopped ticking on March 18th, 2022.  In two years that ripped a piece of everyone’s heart out, we lost Joe Knapp, Milton Menasco, and Noel Lacey.

     Milton had a passion for music and skiing that sustained him through dark winters, and it was a life goal for him to create a foundation to make these activities more accessible for others that are struggling. Fortunately Milton’s dreams continue on, though the efforts of friends and family. The Milton Menasco Foundation was created to support mental health by creating recreational opportunities for people that are struggling. With help from Duckworth Co and Pinky and the Floyd, the first fundraiser for the foundation was held at the Filling Station on 10/6/2023, to great success. 

Ripping through classic Floyd tunes with ease, the band was met with loud and boisterous applause. Two encores weren’t enough to satisfy the fans, who wanted more. 

The fundraiser was a great success, with proceeds benefiting Suffer Out Loud, The Help Center, and the Bridger Ski Foundation.  Many thanks to everyone that was a part of it!

Patrick Lokken

Photos by Nate Garvine