Squirrel Gravy with Daddy’s Home

Doors : 8pm, Show : 9pm
Cover : $10 in advance, $15 at the door

You can’t say you partied all weekend if you don’t start on Friday and who better to party with

Squirrel Gravy started out as a country and bluegrass band featuring acoustic guitar, fiddle, and high harmonies.  Over time, the band evolved into something more electrified and funky, with each member bringing their own unique influences.  Mixing an ever expanding list of originals and an eclectic list of covers by bands like Phish, Ween, The Jayhawks, The Grateful Dead, The Beatles, Tom Petty, The Allman Brothers and other such stuff, Squirrel Gravy is always trying to add new material to keep things interesting. Come get squirrelly with us!

Established in 2024, Daddy’s Home is comprised entirely of the five lesser known cousins of Chad Kroeger dedicated to playing strictly iPod music made between 2000-2010. We pray daily to our patron saints Scott Stapp and Rob Thomas, hoping for a glimpse of goatee-inspired brilliance. If you heard it on repeat on the middle-school bus circa 2004, there’s a good chance we play it. Viva la Rascal Flats and link it up to some Linkin Park, cause we gonna be playing all of your girlfriend’s favorite rock songs.